For a lot of people, the food and drink on offer at festivals is just as important as the music – and we agree! As big foodies ourselves, we hope to provide a smorgasbord of flavours, textures and smells throughout your time at Lunar. We will also be ensuring that there is something for every dietary requirement. From vegans and veggies to the big meat eaters there will be plenty to choose from (including gluten free options!) whether that be sweet or savoury. We carefully choose our caterers for Lunar so you can be sure of a healthy mix of global flavours predominantly from local producers and caterers.

Our bars have the same ethos, stocking the award winning Purity range of Ales and Imported Lagers alongside Craft Ciders, Fine Wines and Cocktails. At the Misery Saloon you’ll also find tasting sessions for craft Gins, Whiskey’s and Rums.

All our food traders and bars will be announced in early 2018. Don’t forget that as well making your ears happy with our music and your tummies full with our food, we will also be keeping your minds and bodies active with our learn, move, create and relax programmes. Check them out!