With six interactive galleries, the UK’s largest planetarium, unique 3D Simulator Experience and the iconic 42m high Rocket Tower, the award-winning National Space Centre is an out of this world experience. This year, we are extremely lucky to have staff from the Space Centre bring a bit of that magic straight to Lunar! They will be running workshops and talks throughout the day. Here’s what to expect from them for our Learn Element…

Under the Microscope – Environmental scientists use a range of equipment to explore the natural environment. Use our digital microscopes to explore the microscopic world and discover the world around you.

Wildflower Meadow Mat – Identify the different species of plants, fungi and other living organisms to conduct your very own ecology survey. Using our guides, see how many plants, insects and bugs you can find hiding in our ecology zone.

Operation Earth Show – A 30 minute show explaining about Environmental Sciences and the effect they have on the world around us. A great talk to encompass some of the lessons learned in the morning’s workshops.

Meteorite Handling – An opportunity to touch, feel and learn about mysterious rocks from space.