Producer and label owner, Andy Riley hails from Nottingham UK, a city with a rich musical legacy, particularly for house music. He met Laurence Ritchie in ’93 to be become ‘Inland Knights’, and they cut their teeth Dj’ing for Smokescreen, the renegade soundsystem from which they drew their early inspiration.

Smokescreen consisted of DJ’s, lighting people, sound people, a truck, a P.A, a generator and general helpers. Old warehouses, woodland, fields, quarries and houses were utilised with the sole intention of having a good time… for free! By the mid 90’s smokescreen could guarantee a crowd of hundreds in attendance at their parties, and their club nights became local institutions that ran for years with packed dancefloors, and still do to this day!

Andy Riley will be doing a DJ set as part of DiY Sound System in our new venue, Journey To Nutopia.