We specialise in sloppy joes. Traditionally, American sloppy joes are simply bolognaise in a burger bap. My sloppy joes transform tradition to create a healthy, high quality and, most importantly, delicious product. We have both a meaty bolognaise filling and a delicious arabiatta styled vegetarian filling, packed with delicious locally sourced vegetables. Our Bolognaise is slow cooked for 4 hours before service, ensuring an abundance of flavour which, when combined with the right amount of seasoning and secret ingredients, makes this bolognaise irresistible.

Our butcher, John Howell, and greengrocer, Ian, have helped us keep our produce as local and delicious as possible, ensuring that our hearty English produce stands out in a typically American dish. Our rolls come from the Hobbs House Bakery, established in the Cotswolds in the 1920’s and a true family business, with five generations of baking experience. Their finger rolls complement the filling perfectly, staying soft and fluffy even after being toasted on the grill. Along with the normal dough, it contains a hint of sourdough and is glazed to finish, making it the perfect balance of savoury yet sweet.

Dirty Fries have become a staple on every pub chain in the UK. We believe our Naughty Fries are next level. We double fry the chips ensuring a crispy outer and a soft fluffy inner. We then cover the chips with any of our delicious slop and pile on cheese and jalapenos. Instead of microwaved sachets of pulled pork or mince, our slops are homemade and use all the hearty produce grown in your local area.