Burger Theory was founded by friends Rory Perriment and Oliver Thorogood, two very creative and enthusiastic burger chefs! In 2012 we started experimenting with different recipes and discovered there are hundreds of ways you can make a burger. We decided that we would be ‘The Creative Burger People’ with no limits to what can and cannot go in to a burger. With the menu set we started taking our delicious culinary creations to festivals and food fairs around the country. We can now be found at weddings, street food events, music festivals, running pop-up kitchens and at our Bristol Restaurant.

We work closely with Walter rose butchers and local farmer Tim Johnson at Stokes Marsh Farm, Close to Devizes. They supply us with our beef from his herd of outstanding Aberdeen Angus and Hereford crosses. Walter rose also provide our British free-range poultry, pork and lamb. Hobbs house Bakery provide our fresh bread from their traditional bakery. A.David supply us with local fresh vegetables and our all British dairy products come from Ashton Farms

0% of our food is produced using GM produce, MSG or unsustainable food products like palm oil. We recycle as much as possible and only use compostable packaging. We encourage people to take a break from meat by offering a range vegetarian and vegan burgers. It works too! Over 22% of our customers eat our vegetarian burgers! We try to reduce our carbon emissions as much as possible. We use only clean burning gas to fuel our kitchen and use our van as little as possible.