We are professionally trained chefs, passionate about food and make healthy, tasty and huge burritos and quesadillas. All our food is homemade, from the Adobo roasted chilly sauce to the orange and thyme braised beef.

Our burritos and quesadillas are big, tasty and also healthy.  A burrito comes with thyme braised black beans, spinach & coriander rice, sour minted cream, guacamole, Monterrey Jack Cheese, salad, roasted lime tomato chilly salsa, Jalapenos, roasted chilly sauce and orange braised beef, or smokey chicken, as well as vegetarian options.

We are very popular with customers, as they can watch our team build up their burritos with fresh homemade cuisine. Our food is restaurant standard, the burritos are very generous and big and customers always come back. We take pride in being polite to all our customers and creating a good vibe on our stall so that we add a good experience for the festival.

We pre-prepare some of our food and the rest we make fresh every morning before we open up to trade. We buy most of our produce from our local market. Every burrito that we serve has to be perfect.