Calypso Kids brings buckets of musical fun to entertain the youngest festival-goers! The creative, interactive workshops are designed for children aged 6 months – 4 years, and engage the whole family in playing and exploring a variety of percussion instruments.

The 40 minute workshop begins with the children asking Calypso the frog “What’s in the lily pad today?” When opened, the lily pad reveals the theme for the workshop and instruments to be explored and played.

And then everyone has buckets & buckets of musical fun AND learning too…

Songs are sung to aid speech and language development, the children participate in action songs to develop coordination, listening skills are developed as the children explore the instruments and a variety of props are used to stimulate their imagination.

There are buckets of instruments and props such as maracas, claves, tambourines, pom-poms & ribbons. The workshop ends with our goodbye song and a sticker for all our little Calypso Kids.