Join professional forager, chef and beekeeper Kerry Woodfield for a guided walk as she blows your mind with all she knows about nature’s bounty. Who knew you could eat that … and that it tasted good too. She will be sharing tips on how to best prepare the plants you find as well as advise on safe foraging practice. Not only is wild food free, but it is also very good for us and it really is a game changer when you learn to safely identify the wonderful edible plants at our feet.

Her knowledge, skills and enthusiasm is astounding and this is an experience not to miss. Kerry began at a very early age with a fascination for all things wild and never grew out of the primitive sensory exploration – hunting field mushrooms with her Dad, blackberry picking with Grandparents and making homemade blackcurrant sorbet with her Mom all laid the foundations, always seeking to experiment with the flavours and applications of wild food. She has been using her knowledge and skills to train AA Rosette and Michelin Star restaurants in wild food and growing mushrooms.