DJ Grace Sands (Digs of Digs & Woosh, DiY Soundsystem anchorfolk) came out firin’ onto the scene at Glastonbury’s notorious NYC Downlow, in June ’16. Mixing up the legendary Deep, House and Garage vibes of her partnership with Woosh, she threw acid into the mix, got fresh with Mel & Kim, dropped Ron Hardy cuts and classic disco to tear up the Go-Go’s, Drag Queens, T-Girls and Block9 party crew.

Gigs at places such as Brighton Pride, Bristols’ Duvet Vous, Birmingham’s 1000 Trades, What the..?, Boomtown, Nottingham’s Bar11, Block9 / NYC Download Weekender and Club Magnus followed, with Grace turning heads and crowds in her wake. Grace has been busy sampling TS Madison’s legendary call out of Caitlyn Jenner after the Trump inauguration. TS’s cutting disses mixed with the warm statements of Tran unity caught her ear, resulting in an acid lick replete with deep chords to bring the mood and stay true to her original vibe.

She will perform in Journey To Nutopia as part of DiY Sound System which also features Andy Riley (Smokescreen Soundsystem) and The Peaceful Ones.