Brum boys and girls, from numerous known Birmingham bands come together to rock some stages with our eponymously named garage folk. Beginning as an acoustic trio, now a full 6-piece band consisting of Guitar, bass, mandolin, sax/flute, violin, drums and 3 vocals. Since we’ve got together, unbeknown to us a solid following has been building around us, making for great gigs and parties.

High Horses set is full of electrifying harmonies, haunting blues melodies, and uplifting songs that continue to play in your head long after the event finishes. This is a band that you could watch for hours and still feel like you were hearing them for the first time, a real credit to the live music scene in Birmingham.

Adam and Simon are easily recognisable; the former with dreadlocks flying frantically and mandolin in hand, the latter with a voice so deep and gravely that takes on a life of its own. The six musicians on stage all give a deeply passionate performance. The sound of the mandolin, saxophone and violin gives the band a unique folk sound against the rock and blues guitar riffs from the guitars, and the overall effect is overwhelming.