The Major Toms are more than just a covers band and tribute act. They evoke that 70s-era Bowie and Roxy Music sound, with a rich history of musicians from the Birmingham Music scene. Yet The Major Toms’ sound is not just about Birmingham’s history. Their covers of Bowie and Roxy Music are brought to life by tongue-in-cheek lead vocalist Owen Comaskey, who’s overly stereotypical Black Country accent replicates a distinct rebellion against the usual tribute act. Owen isn’t trying to be Bryan Ferry or Bowie, he’s just adding his own spin to some sheer crowd-pleasing classics.

From old and new school goths to indie kids to golden oldies, The Major Toms welcome anyone and everyone to bask in whimsical wonders, led by Owen’s witty stances. While jaw-dropping sax solos glue together the super-group through intoxicating precision, devoting emotion to a distinctive and highly iconic sound of Birmingham.

They’ll grasp hold of your music snobbery and bring back the light-hearted community feel that is all too often forgotten in live performances. Music doesn’t have to be serious, raise that stiff upper lip.