We specialize mainly in fair trade organic teas and fresh organic coffee. We try to be a family friendly stall, and we always offer cheaper children’s size drinks, fairly priced bottled water, free hot water for baby feeds and a place to sit down!

We stock around 35 different teas sometimes more, everything from a refreshing old-fashioned cuppa to a spicy chocolate chai, a Japanese rice tea or a simple green tea, along with lots of fruit or herb teas to choose from. We take pride in our artisan style coffee, only using organic good quality strong coffee, full caf or decaf, and our hot chocolate is yummy, organic and fair trade of course!

Other drinks include, squash, milkshake, juice, cans, water and we use organic milk & soya milk. We also sell flapjacks, homemade cakes and sweets, offering a small range of non-sugary snack options suitable for kids and some special diets.