This year Lunar is here to inspire and enthuse. We have called on many knowledgeable, passionate folks and put together a series of walks, talks, workshops and demonstrations designed to share and teach us new nature based skills for life

Ever wondered why Biophilia shapes us? Or how to deepen our connection to the plants and natural world around us – from the dandelions shining in the cracks to the tree lined streets on our way to work? What are desire lines? How can mushrooms save the world?

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to forage a feast from outside your door and make wine from trees, or wanted to be able to tell a Maple from an Ash or grow your own mushrooms and help clean up our water systems, this is the area for you. You can also learn how to harvest and make your own wild teas and kitchen medicines, learn what plants will help us with our first aid needs, make beautiful baskets with bramble and ivy and even dance to Shrubstep and the music of the wild rose!

This area is not only offering a place for you to get hands on with nature but to also relax amongst it in our wood-fired hot tubs, complete with waiter service. Come and retreat from the hustle and bustle from the rest of the festival!