Ever wondered how native people cared for their teeth? Well come along to this session and find out all about Primitive toothcare and why it works – you’ll be able to make your own toothbrush and have a go at making some tooth powder. We may even manage a forage for supplies! This workshop will be hosted by the wonderful Hedgewitch, Maria Billington. Maria is a mother and a community designer. Herbs and plants have been with her all her life from her Grandmother’s remedies to the plants she played with growing up in the countryside of Scotland. She’s found her path in life and that is to protect the plants, learn from them, respect them and pass this learning onto those in her community.

From working at her community project in the heart of Wolverhampton to running workshops for groups of school children in community gardens around the country to festivals and green spaces; she can be found foraging in the hedgerows with a childlike glee, showing anyone who cares to listen the benefits of reconnecting with nature (even her husband who has long since given up protesting at the strange plant based concoctions thrown at him on a regular basis!)