It’s shrubstep and birdsong like you have never heard it  – Phil Barnett

Phil Barnett is an utter inspiration. He photographs and shares the most exquisite images of the microcosms and macrocosms all around us, capturing the beauty, texture, life, colour, design and magnificence of creation. The photo used above for this page is actually fallen pollen ash! If there is one thing you do after reading this, it is to check out his blog – He does for our back gardens, hedgerows and green spaces what David Attenborough does for the planet.

A man of many creative, nature based talents, in his spare time he likes to make music with shrubs, trees, birds and insects. He will be gathering some lesser known hits to share at lunar and we can’t wait to get our groove on to Shrubstep – expect to see some beautiful images too. In his words, “Dog Rose Dance – it’s Shrubstep! I got the melody by placing staves on the photo, so hips become notes. ALL the sounds were produced by the rose (with my help) – samples of dropping hips, hitting & sloshing branches, striking a guitar etc – changed the pitch of the samples then put the samples through effects”.