Spencer creates beautiful functional sculptures from woven, carved and steamed wood.
Each product is individually designed and hand-crafted. “My work evolves from ideas, hints and suggestions I receive from the landscape around me. I enjoy physically transforming the identity of wood, thin, fragile becomes a dense mass, hardwood, reshaped, thin, light and curved”.

Self-taught Birmingham born artist started a creative career in his mid-twenties. Spencer began his journey from hairdresser to Greenwood artist when deciding to follow his passion for working with wood. His innate feeling for using sustainable materials was influenced during his childhood growing up in Africa watching chil- dren make toys out of recycled materials mainly with wire and wood.

Spencer’s work is inspired by organic forms and found objects translated into sculpture and bespoke furniture using Greenwood, Willow and Steel, a challeng- ing fusion between ancient and modern practices.

He was the artist who created Black Sabbath’s 13 album cover and was lead artist to weave the massive willow arches in Windsor Great Park to celebrate the Queen’s 60th jubilee celebrations.

He will be creating the centre piece for Sunday night’s imfamous procession/burning and also running a workshop on the Sunday for those interested in learning the craft.