“Internal Garden” is an active research project by UK sound artist Justin Wiggan. Working with the Italian company ‘Music of The Plants’ and their MU1 device, Justin explores the signals registered from various plants’ biometric data. By using a MIDI interface to transform the impulses and interactions of plants into music, this device gives voice to plant perception. This intimate experience sends the plants signal from the device into your body as an immersive physical dimensional field.

This is achieved by connecting the MU1 to a SUBPAC. A SUBPAC is a wearable technology that pulses sound through the body mass by three layers of immersion – haptic vibrations on the surface of skin, proprioceptive registration of changes in force and pressure, and bone conduction. The first research experiments were carried out in Cornwall at the Fish Factory Art’s Space for a handful of people.

The reactions were so powerful that Justin is writing an application for the use of the technology to be used in places which nature cannot be accessed so easily (e.g. prisons) to facilitate memory health about green spaces.