Tim Holmes is a walking talking contradiction; my goodness can he talk. He’s also a poet & spoken word performer, for the last twenty years he’s travelled in the guise of the Buddhist Punk. He’s been in and around the spoken word scene since the late 90s when he wrote and produced his one man show: The Sub Verse Meditations of a Buddhist Punk.

Tim has performed at literary festivals, music festivals, underground parties and happenings countrywide (Off the Shelf, Ledbury, Shambala, Wychwood, Peace in the Park, What the…?), hosted gatherings (Super Weird Happening, Dr Dreadnaught’s and The Cosmic Trigger Play’s Sunday Salon) and opened for artists such as Anti Flag and the Reggae Philharmonic. These days his preferred approach is guerrilla performance; unsolicited renditions to unsuspecting audiences, outside the party, ideally by the fireside. He is one of the co-instigators & directors of Festival 23 and somehow fnords himself heavily embroiled in the ever expanding Neo-Discordian mycelium network.