The Clean Kilo is a project which will limit the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, waste which threatens marine life and ultimately human health. Plastic production has increased unsustainably since the 1960’s and this project will give the choice back to the consumer to help significantly reduce plastic pollution. The Clean Kilo is an affordable supermarket in Birmingham where food, drink, cleaning products and toiletries come without packaging.

Customers will be able to dispense as little or as much as they want into reusable containers, which they can bring from home, buy from the supermarket or use the free paper bags provided. They won’t just be limited to dry food either; there will be fresh fruit and vegetables on offer, as well as freshly ground peanut butter, coffee and orange juice – straight into your own container! They are, of course, not just about targeting plastic, though. Where possible they will be supporting local and independent producers so that they can offer unique products with shorter food miles to your plate.

Join Tom at Lunar as he explains his mission tackling the world’s problem with waste and learn a thing or two about going zero waste yourself.