Wonderlandia – absolute hot tub blissing!

Soaking your tired body in one of our traditional wood-fired natural Red Cedar hot tubs will be one the most wonderful, blissful experiences you can have at Lunar this year! We are adding an extra touch of luxury at Lunar 2018 and offer a relaxing soak in the daytime or wake up early and prepare yourself for a busy day ahead with an early morning soak. The ambience in the evening is amazing watching the stars and listening to crackle of the log fired burners!

We are fastidious about our water cleanliness which is completely refreshed daily. Wonderlandia will make sure you have the most relaxing decadent experience soaking away your cares in a beautiful environment! Booking with us gives you 50 minutes soak time in the hot tub and you can hang out up to 2 hours in our hot tub area which includes our chill room and changing room also relaxation area where you can drink and chat. It also includes waiter service for drinks while you’re in the tub!

Just remember to bring your swim suit and a towel and some bottled water. You can either book 1 slot for yourself and share with other festival goers, or book 6 slots in 1 purchase to guarantee a private tub for yourself and up to 5 friends! You can book your hot tub slots here.