Welcome to the Hobo Tree
Where days are fun and life is free
Come build a chair or carve a spoon
Work in the sun, sleep by the moon
Sit by the fire, singing songs
Sharing tales, righting wrongs
We do not judge, we only grow
Together One, the Tree Hobo

Tom is a Green Woodworker based in the Midlands. He makes chairs and stools, carves spatulas and spoons, and turns bowls and toys on a foot-powered lathe. He will be part of the Green Crafts programme in the Northern Sky Retreat at Lunar this year, where you can watch him demonstrating his work, buy his wares, and have a go yourself.

Tom will be running carving sessions throughout the weekend where you can learn the basic knife grips to carve your own wooden spatula or spoon. He will also be offering 1-to-1 tuition on the shave-horse and pole-lathe if you want to find out more about this accessible and therapeutic traditional craft.